2020 Wedding Trends

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Banqueting Tables

Bring on the banqueting tables! A firm favourite with some of our past couples, picture the delicious feast laid along the beautifully decorated tables... Ideal for an

industrial-style setting.

Expect to see more wedding photos adopting this contemporary layout with the lusciously decorated long table settings!

(Natalie Jayne Photography)

(Jo Greenfield Photography)

Jason Tems Photography)


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Eco-friendly Weddings

As the world heads towards a more sustainable future, so it seems are the weddings within it. From recycled materials, plastic-free weddings and locally sourced floristry.

Plastic favours or throw away decor can be replaced with plantable floristry, fresh fruits and more! All that are a little kinder to the planet.

Anticipate more handmade decor is 2020 that is up-cycled and recycled.


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Floral, wooden and metal!

Expect to see beautifully raised features throughout 2020. As ceremony backdrops, photo opportunities or simply finishing off a lavish cake table. Ask our wedding team about our additional extras and what decor we include in our ceremonies!

(Photo: Pinterest)


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Make your own...

In 2020 we can anticipate more of the guest participation. From mix and match gin and tonic stations, personalised pizza toppings and Prosecco bars. Allowing guests to choose flavours, toppings and garnishes.

All of which we are expecting our couples to choose more of in 2020.


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Vegan Menus

Hand-in-hand with the sustainability we will start to see more of in 2020, apparently couples are going to choose full vegan/vegetarian options for their full wedding menus. Gone are the days where the couple of veggie guests are catered for as a dietary requirement.

With the primary reason being the new, delicious and creative choices being offered in 2020!

(Vegan Industrial Wedding Feast)


6 .

Alternatives to confetti

Weddings in 2020 are going to continue combatting the traditions, and this includes the confetti throwing.

Although in 2019 we saw a massive increase in biodegradable confetti, couples are choosing alternatives for 2020. This can include bubbles, sparklers, petals and ribbon!

(Images from Pinterest)

Got something unique you want for your wedding day? We always get to know our couples and their ideal weddings... Let us help you create that dream day!

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