How to plan a wedding in 3 months!

Looking to plan that fairytale wedding in under 3 months? - Not a problem!


There are many reasons you might be looking at tying the knot sooner than later. Perhaps you just cannot wait to say 'I Do'? Maybe you've been dragging your feet with the plans and just want to get it sorted? Or you just want to snap up an unmissable deal from your dream supplier?

The shortest time from booking to the big day that our wedding team ever hosted was 6 weeks. It was a magical day of love, laughter and everything the couple had dreamed of. Just because it's shorter than the average (but who wants to average when it comes to weddings!) doesn't mean it has to be rushed, or any less than perfection.

If you're looking for some tips and advice, you've come to the right place.

With the support of our wedding team, our bespoke payment plans to

help you along the way, we have absolutely no doubt in you hosting

your fairytale wedding day in 3 months time.



First things first - PICK THE DATE

First of all, decide on the date.

At later notice your ideal vendors (particularly out of peak season) may not only be available but may have wonderful discounts. Ask around and see what they can cook up for you! Some incredible dates can slip through the net of bookings, take a look at some of our Saturday dates on late availability, or hang tight here to see what wonderful deal we have available for March 2020...




Set your budget. Send your invites.

Steps 1 and 2 are required from the off. It may seem like a lot to take on, but once these are out the way you'll have the essentials to start the fun bits and planning your dream wedding! And besides, you would have to do them at some point anyway so rather than stalling and deliberating, get them checked off straight way.




In a shorter time scale it can mean that that custom-made designer gown may not be available for the big day. (It can take over 6 months!) But not only can you therefore save a little more for a honeymoon or you can get those extra special place settings, there are hundreds of beautiful dresses that will fit like a glove.

Bridal shops are the experts after all, they will have you wowing your guests on the big day no matter what.

It may also be worth looking at those beautiful mismatch bridesmaid gowns (see below for this dreamy mismatch bridal party!). Or maybe the same gown in a different colour? Even booked years in advance this wonderful style is frequently chosen and looks absolutely wonderful.




Set your theme early. This way in combination with your budget, you'll know exactly what wonderful day you're creating! You can spend months deliberating on themes and colour schemes. It's almost blessing that the time is shorter so the decision is made and you can get to work making your wonderful day straight away.

If you're wanting to hand-make items (we've seen those on your pinterest board!), get your bridesmaids involved! It's such a fun activity for everyone to get creating together. Put some music on in the background, make a few cocktails and you have a mini hen do!

There are how-to guides all over the internet laying out the steps so you'll have no problem making memories, as well as some wonderful wedding decor.





- Secure your date

- Set a budget

- Send the invitations (e-invites are cost and time saving!)

- Buy your wedding dress

- Book your photographer/videographer

- Book your band/entertainment


- Book the florist/stylist

- Decide on bridesmaid dresses

- Arrange the cake

- Buy or rent the groom’s suit/groomsmen suits


- Reception decor (get crafting if you're not using a stylist!)

- Host your hen and stag party

- Buy gifts for the bridal party/wedding favours

- Final extras!

Even with a timeline the internet and bridal mags are full of advice and recommendations for keeping to a shorter timescale. We are also experts in advising you with getting everything sorted, and we create bespoke payment plans for your timescale!

People so very often host their dream wedding on a shorter timescale. It could be the romantic whirlwind wedding you have always dreamed of.




Saturday 14th March

Saturday 21st March

Saturday 28th March

March 2020 for £2020!


• Welcome drinks

• Toast drinks

• Industrial wedding feast or BBQ

• A dedicated coordinator

• A master of ceremonies

• Evening food

• The bridal suite

• Breakfast the following morning

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