Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...

From the throwing of the brides bouquet, to a silver sixpence in the bride’s shoe, if there was ever an occasion full of tradition, your wedding day is certainly it.

Whilst some traditions, such as newlyweds being showered in rice, are becoming less and less common, it appears that some traditions are still as prevalent as ever.

In fact according to The National Wedding Survey 2019, the most popular wedding traditions amongst couples were:

  • The cutting of the wedding cake

  • Not seeing your partner before the ceremony

  • and giving the bride away

Read on as we look at the origins of these traditions and why they are still so popular today!

Photo courtesy of Natalie Jayne Photography


A custom dating back to medieval times, although less lavish in the 15th century, the wedding cake was a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Traditionally only the bride would cut the cake before having the cake thrown at her, a tradition we are sure most brides will be pleased didn’t survive into the 21st Century.

With tiers, toppers, layers and more, the cutting of the cake is still a popular tradition, with partners now sharing the cake-cutting honour. Up there with the first kiss and first dance, it is a classic wedding moment family, friends and photographers alike look forward too.

Did You Know? That back in the 19th century, couples would save the top tier of their wedding cake for the christening of their first child.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Jayne Photography


According to the tradition, it is believed the couples didn’t need to see each other before the ceremony in case they didn’t like what they saw. Today, it is more widely accepted by couples that it is “bad luck” more than anything to see each other before the ceremony.

Whilst some couples fully embraced this tradition, even staging photos opposite sides of a doorway, so they can be photographed together without actually seeing each other, some are forgoing the tradition risking a “first look” to take advantage of some alone time before the big day.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Jayne Photography


A timeless tradition, that is still popular amongst cultures around the world, this antiquate tradition originates when the father of the bride would exchange his daughter for a dowry becoming the property of her husband.

Fortunately today, most people don’t view marriage as a business deal, yet “giving away the bride” can still be an opportunity to give thanks to the couples parents and honour tradition.

Now a symbol of the parents blessing and wish of good health, the mother of the bride, is more often involved in this tradition and in some cases taking the role of giving the bride away.

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