Your Wedding Journey At The Hurt Arms


How Your Wedding Journey Could Unfold At The Hurt Arms

With years of event and wedding planning experience on our team, we know it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to wedding planning.

We've put together this step by step guide from your initial enquiry to the end of the night so you can get an idea of how your wedding journey would look from start to finish
here at The Hurt Arms.

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Once you have decided The Hurt Arms is potentially the venue for you, drop us a hello and a little info about your day so we can send over everything you need to know about weddings in our Tollgate Suite.

Here's some tips on what to include on your initial enquiry so we can get a really good idea of your plans from the off. Of course, if you're not quite sure about any of these points, we're happy to talk them through with you too!

• Yours and your partner's names
• Ideal date (s)
• Number of Day Guests
• Number of Evening Guests
• Your availability for a look around the venue
• Any special requests or requirements




If you decide you would like to come and have a look around once you've had a read of our brochures and pricing guides, we'd love to get to know you both and talk through some more of the details
of your big day.

At your show around, you will meet a member of our friendly wedding team, they will show you around the whole venue and go into a bit more detail about the way things will work. They will then give you a bespoke wedding estimate.

You will then have the opportunity to secure a date. You will be able to hold this provisional date for up to 10 days free of charge until you pay your deposit. This is also the time where we will send over the terms and conditions of booking and your wedding contract.

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When you return your contract and pay your deposit, your wedding is booked!

This is one of the most exciting moments in your wedding journey and you finally have a timeframe to start planning the details of your amazing day.

You will receive a confirmation pack through in the post with all the details of what to expect in the wedding planning process moving forward.




You will be allocated a wedding co-ordinator in the October-November of the year before your wedding. If you have a shorter length of time between booking and the wedding date, your co-ordinator will be allocated as soon as possible.

Once you are allocated a co-ordinator, they will be in touch to say hello and arrange a pre-wedding meeting. They are your port of call in the lead up and on the big day. They are there to make your wedding journey as smooth as possible.

You can then contact your co-ordinator at any time and you're able to book any extra meetings you might need in the lead up to your wedding day.

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In the weeks leading up to the wedding, you will be able to arrange a good time to meet your wedding co-ordinator to go through the final details of the day. You will also fill in the bedrooms form and let us know the seating plan for your day.

We will also need to know any dietary requirements with your seating plan so we can pass this on to the chefs ahead of the day.

This is also a chance to ask any final questions and let us know any extra details we need to be aware of to make sure everything runs perfectly for you.

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The last (and the most exciting) step! You will be able to drop off any decorations you need a couple of days before the wedding so you can focus on getting ready on the morning.

You will have planned every detail of your wedding day with your wedding
co-ordinator and they will take control of making sure everything sticks to the
planned schedule.

After you have enjoyed every moment of the day, you and your guests can make your way to our cosy bedroom suites to reflect on your magical day of memories.

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If you would like to book a show around, or see our full pricing guide and brochure, please get in touch today;

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